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Free Semester System

Free Semester System image

What is Free Semester System? A flexible running of education for one semester during the middle school course through interactive classes with discussions and practice as well as various experience activities such as career exploration activity to allow for future talent and career exploration.

Free Semester System


  • 1 Field trip (Taekwondo Training Experience Program)

    Taekwondowon’s training and experience program visits incite the participants’ interest in taekwondo and helps them develop both mental and physical strength.

  • 2 Job experience (Job Experience Program)

    Social fundamental experience through career experiences in Taekwondo related field

  • 3 Lecture-type (Lecturer support program)

    Offers opportunities to experience the Taekwondo Program to students who cannot visit Taekwondowon because of geographical reasons or other circumstances.

Program Title Taekwondowon Free Semester System

Activity Period 2D/1N

Location Taekwondowon (Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do)

Applicable to Middles school students

Number of Participants 30 - 120 persons (per time)

Reservation/Contact Us : 063-320-0114 ARS 1 ~ 4 (Taekwondo Reservation Office)


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