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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Answer
    If using the Internet Explorer:
    Please refer to the linked page to change your internet setting and try again.
    This is not a program error but a security setting issue with the Internet Explorer.
    You may use the service without an error on Chrome and Safari browsers.
  • Answer
    Please use the cafeteria building on the 2nd floor, Soorawon.

    ▶ Operating hours
    11:30 - 19:00 (Reservation is required for a large group of people)
    *Closed when Taekwondowon is closed
  • Answer
    Free parking is available at the underground parking lot (compact cars, hybrid cars, disabled cars) or the ground parking lot (sedans, vans) straight from the front gate of Taekwondowon.
    ※ For large buses, use the bus parking lot next to the ticket office and the hangar parking lot on the right of the front gate.
  • Answer
    The shuttle bus runs every 15 minutes across from Experience Center.
    It runs more frequently if the waiting line is long (operate flexibly).
  • Answer
    Use the free shuttle bus across from Experience Center. You can also ride the free shuttle bus back to Experience Center after getting off from the monorail.
    ※Free for a person of age of 0 - 36 months, 65 or over (ID required)
  • Answer
    There are demonstration performances at 11 am and 2 pm on weekdays, weekends and holidays except for the weekly closing day (Monday).
    The performance is 30-minutes long and there is a regular experiential program after the performance.
    For schedule details and any changes, check the pop-up notice on the Taekwondowon website.
  • Answer
    You can enjoy the museum and demonstration performance for free if you purchase the ticket for Taekwondowon.
  • Answer
    Age 19 - 64 (Adult) KRW 4,000, KRW 3,000 (Discount)
    Age 13 -18 (Youth) KRW 3,500, KRW 2,500 (Discount)
    Age 3 - 12 (Child) KRW 3,000, KRW 2,000 (Discount)

    • Applicable for discount: A group of over 20 persons, A person having Taekwondo Poom&Dan certificate or wearing Taekwondo uniform, Muju-gun residents(Identification required), Men of national merit(Certificate required), Soldiers and Combat&Conscripted police(Wearing full dress uniform or having certificate)
    • Applicable for free admission: Children under 36months(Medical insurance card required), The elderly(Over 65 years old, identification required), Registered disabled(Disability certificate required), One person accompanied with the disabled person with class 1-3 disability
    • Children’s discount price is applied to Taekwondo related groups
    • Tickets are sold until 1 hour before the closing time.
  • Answer
    Email activation may not work due to the following reasons.
    1. If your email address is verified as a spam mail server (unauthorized personal/corporate company or group email).
    2. A server error or a delay of transmission issue of Foundation.
    If you cannot proceed with activation, please contact the Information Technology Department of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (inquiry: 063-320-0063).
  • Answer
    Accommodation for a small group of people at Taekwondowon is available, but you are required to participate in programs of Taekwondowon.
    Please make online reservation via Taekwondowon website and no meal reservation is available for a group of less than 20 people.
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