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Training/Education Facilities


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Introduction of Facilities

  • A multipurpose arena for international Taekwondo competitions, trainings, and a variety of large events
  • Location : T1 Arena (1F, Arena and affiliated facilities)
  • Area : Arena 2,360 ㎡ (715 pyeong)
    * Floor area when motored folding chairs are extended : 1,410 ㎡ (427 pyeong)
  • Capacity : Total 4,571 seats (3,047 fixed seats, 1,476 mobile seats, 48 seats for the disabled)
    * The capacity for an event held on the arena floor varies according to the type of an event. Please contact us.
  • Purpose : Taekwondo competitions, trainings, large events, banquets, etc.
  • Facilities :
    - Observation facilities: General seats, seats for the disabled, V.I.P. seats, broadcasting stands, press stands
    - Reporting facilities: Pressroom/transmission room, line terminal room
    - Competition operating facilities: Athlete waiting room, athlete training room, AT training center, weight training room, lecture room, weight-in room (men, women), referee waiting room
    - Other facilities (V.I.P. Room, lounge, resting room, etc....)

Affiliated facilities

Affiliated facilities data
Type Size Capacity Location
Athlete Training Room A 352㎡ 40 persons T1 Arena, 1F
Athlete Training Room B 489㎡ 50 persons T1 Arena, B1
AT Training Center 285㎡ 00 persons Doyak Center, 4F

Reservation/Contact Us : 063-320-0114 ARS 1 ~ 4 (Taekwondo Reservation Office)


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