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Sightseeing Guide

Wine Cave

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Wine Cave Attractions

  • It is a place for aging, storing, and selling Muju meoru wines, which was built by renovating the working tunnel of Muju Pumped Storage Power Plant. It is composed of wine house, secret door to meoru wines (270 m), and other convenience facilities. As you walk into Meoru Wine Cave for about 270 m, you can look around meoru wines displayed on both sides and enjoy free samples. These wines are made with meoru grown in Muju.
  • Location : 878-9, Goemok-ro Jeoksang-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Inquiries : 063-322-4720
  • Closed on Mondays (If Monday is a holiday, closed for the next day)
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