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Home  Facilities Food and Beverage Facilities Narae Hall (Banquet Restaurant)

Food and Beverage Facilities

Narae Hall (Banquet Restaurant)

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Introduction of Facilities

  • A space for various gatherings, and banquet events for groups
  • Location : Doyak Center, 1F
  • Area : 530 ㎡ (excluding the kitchen)
  • Capacity : Banquet: 320 seats, Experience: 100 seats
  • Fees : KRW 25,000 – 30,000 (buffet)
  • Group reservation : ☏ 063) 320-0114 (Reservation required)


Menu data
Breakfast Menu Breakfast Menu Dinner Menu Dinner with special request
3 kinds of bread (plain bread, roll bread, croissant) 4 kinds of bread Veggie salad*dressing Lettuce salad*dressing
Morning butter · strawberry jam (Plain bread, bagel, roll bread, croissant) Mozzarella tomato salad Crab stick salad
Healthy vegetable salad 2 kinds of morning butter · jam Winter cabbage fresh kimchi Spicy sea snail and vegetable salad
Dressing Healthy vegetable salad Pogi kimchi (whole cabbage kimchi) Cheongyang style Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables)
Sliced ham Tomato salad Cheongyang style Japchae Pogi kimchi
Soup 2 kinds of dressing Sandwich Gimbap (sushi)
Beef and vegetable porridge Sliced ham Gimbap (California roll) Saeu bokkeumbap (shrimp fried rice)
Miyeok guk (seaweed soup) Modeum cheese (assorted cheeses) Saengseon chobap (sushi) Ssalbap (steamed rice)
Potato Gratin Soup Assorted parboiled fish · vegetable Hunje yeoneo (smoked salmon)
Hot vegetable side dish Beef and vegetable porridge Modeum hoe (assorted sliced raw fish) Spaghetti
Homemade grilled sausage Miyeok guk Hunje yeoneo Suyuk (boiled beef slices / boiled pork slices)
Scrambled egg Sweet pumpkin Gratin Suyuk So bulgogi (bulgogi)
Ssalbap So bulgogi Hunje ori (smoked duck) Hunje ori
Pogi kimchi Heated vegetable side dish So bulgogi Modeum jeon (assorted savory pancakes) (pumpkin/pollack/five-taste kebab)
2 kinds of Gyejeol namul (seasoned seasonal vegetables) Homemade grilled sausage Dak nalgae gui (roasted chicken wings) Modeum twigim (assorted tempura) (potato/croquette/dumpling)
Fruit Bacon Dwaejigalbi (pork ribs) Miyeok guk
Cereal · milk Scrambled egg Modeum jeon/Modeum twigim Danhobak juk (pumpkin porridge)
Juice · coffee Ssalbap Homemade grilled sausage Gyejeol gwail (fresh fruit)
Pogi kimchi Spaghetti Dessert cake
3 Gyejeol namul Ssalbap Tteok (rice cake)
Glazed anchovy with nut Saeu bokkeumbap Sikhye (sweet rice drink)
Fruit Doenjang guk (soybean paste soup)/Danhobak juk
2 kinds of cereals Janchi guksu (Naengmyeon) (noodles in broth (cold buckwheat noodles))
Juice · coffee Gyejeol gwail
Sikhye /coffee
Gyeongdan (sweet rice balls)/dessert cake

The above menu is subject to change according to the restaurant situation.

Reservation/Contact Us : 063-320-0114 ARS 1 ~ 4 (Taekwondo Reservation Office)


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