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Donation for Spirit Zone

The Spirit Zone of Taekwondowon is a space that symbolically realizes
the philosophy and spirit world of Taekwondo,

and this space will be created with your contributions.

  • Project period

    2005 - until completion

  • Total project expense

    KRW 17.6 billion

  • Finance

    Donations (Domestic and overseas Taekwondo officials, general public, etc.)

  • Main facilities

    Taekwonjeon, Myeongingwan

Main Facilities of Spirit Zone

Taekwonjeon image


  • A space which symbolically represents the Taekwondo philosophy and spirit
  • An interactive place between Myeongingwan high Dan holders and trainees

    (Area : Lot 3,180㎡ / Gross area 363㎡)

Main facilities Main programs
- Composed of traditional ‘Madang’ (experience space) and ‘Daecheongmaru’ (ceremonial space) of Korea
- Bringing the traditional architecture and landscaping style of Korea
- Meeting with high Dan holders
- Taekwon ceremony
- Black belt presentation ceremony, etc.
- Meditation and training of high-Dan holders
- Forum of high Dan holders
Myeongingwan image


  • A training and community space for top-class high Dan holders

    (Area : Lot 6,497㎡ / Gross area 1,092㎡)

Main facilities Main programs
- Banquet hall (reception hall), community for high Dan holders, Meditation room, training room (outdoor), etc. - Operating high Dan holder of the month, etc.

Please check

  • A plan for respectful treatment of donors

    • Installing a symbolic icon for honoring donors (all donors) - Install a monument with the list of contributor names in an appropriate place of Taekwondowon
    • Attaching labels on the ‘Donation Forest’ tree - Donation of over KRW 2 million / domestic and overseas Taekwondo practitioners and all persons (individual, group) who love Taekwondo
    • Attaching name tags on Taekwondo Arena stands - Donation of over KRW 1 million / domestic and overseas Taekwondo studios and the general public
    • Additional respect for major donors (group) ※ Details for major donors can be discussed separately (signing MOU)

    - For donors(group) donating over KRW 2 billion, install special stone markers in an appropriate place such as Spirit Zone or attach signboards (to be discussed separately)

    - For a contributor donating the entire amount of building Spirit Zone (group, business), consider giving the naming rights for the Taekwondowon facilities.

    ※A donor facility is installed under the ‘depositor’ name and if you wish to change it, contact the donation information office within 2 weeks from the deposit date.

  • Tax benefits for donations

    • Issuing receipts and providing tax benefits for designated donations under Article 18 of the Corporate Tax Act
  • Donation application and inquiries

    • Taekwondo Promotion Foundation Management Support Division
      TEL : 063) 320-0026


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