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Taekwondowon Admission Fee(Day)

Taekwondowon Admission Fee(Day)
Classification Adults
(19 - 64 years old)
(13 - 18 years old)
(3 - 12 years old)
Ticket use range
Regular KRW 4,000 KRW 3,500 KRW 3,000 - Entry to Taekwondowon
- Visit the National Taekwondo Museum (including a planning exhibition)
- Watch the Taekwondo Demonstration Performance, Permanent experience content
- Circular bus service in Taekwondowon
Discount KRW 3,000 KRW 2,500 KRW 2,000

• Applicable for discount: A group of over 20 persons, A person having Taekwondo Poom&Dan certificate or wearing Taekwondo uniform, Muju-gun residents(Identification required), Men of national merit(Certificate required), Soldiers and Combat&Conscripted police(Wearing full dress uniform or having certificate), Multi-child household (limited to multi-child card holder)      

Free: Children under 36months(Medical insurance card required), The elderly(Over 65 years old, identification required), Registered disabled(Disability certificate required), One person accompanied with the disabled person with class 1-3 disability

• Children’s discount price is applied to Taekwondo related groups 

• Tickets are sold until 1 hour before the closing time.

Experience Center Yap! Fees

Experience Center Yap! Fees
Type Fees
Experience Center Yap! Combination ticket(*Exclude Practical Techniques) KRW 5,500
Basic physical fitness Experience ticket(Touch, Laser line) KRW 2,000
Virtual space Experience ticket(Virtual sparring, Taekwondo gymnastics) KRW 2,000
* Practical Techniques Experience ticket(Power measurement) KRW 2,000
Electronic Competition Experience Ticket KRW 2,000
※ Operation suspended from June to November 2020
(Facility repair work)

Monorail Fees

Monorail Fees
Classification Round-trip Applicable for free use
Youths, Adults
(13 to 64 years old)
KRW 2,000 - Infants and toddlers under 36 months(Medical insurance card required)
- The elderly (Over 65 years old, with ID)
- Disabled with class 1-3 disability (With disability certificate) and 1 accompanying person
(3 to 12 years old)
KRW 1,000

Reservation/Contact Us : 063-320-0114 ARS 1 ~ 4 (Taekwondo Reservation Office)