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Home  Use/Fees Fee Guide Fees for Accommodation/Food and Beverage Facilitie

Fees for Accommodation/Food and Beverage Facilitie

Fees for accommodation

Fee guide for using Doyakgwan (accommodation facilities).

Fees for accommodation
Type number of rooms Regular price Remarks
Single room 32 KRW 71,500 Add Bedding: KRW 11,000
Double room(Deluxe) 8 KRW 209,000
Double room 63 KRW 104,500
Four-person room(Bed) 40 KRW 82,500
Four-person room(Floor) 56 KRW 82,500
Eight-person room 54 KRW 99,000

※The price includes V.A.T.

※Applicable for discount: Taekwondo studios, public organizations, foreign groups, MOU-signed groups

※Reservation Information: The general public (Individuals) cannot make reservations. (Announcements shall be made through the official website whenever the center is open to the general public.)

Fees for food and beverage facility

Please find below the fees for using the food and beverage facility.

  • General

    • ㆍAdult ----------------------- KRW 6,500
    • ㆍStudents ----------------------- KRW 5,500
    • ㆍChildren ----------------------- KRW 5,200
  • Single dish

    • ㆍKRW 7,000 ~ 15,000 (per person)
    • - Meals (doenjang, etc.) , soups (kimchi dumplings hot pot, bulgogi hot pot, etc.) provided
  • Buffet

    • ㆍKRW 25,000 ~ 35,000 (per person)
    • - Price and menu details may be changed after consultation.

※Base-style price change expected in 2020(Children KRW5,300, Students KRW5,500, Adult KRW6,000)

Reservation/Contact Us : 063-320-0114 ARS 1 ~ 4 (Taekwondo Reservation Office)