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Major Functions

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Taekwondowon Promotion and Expansion of International

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    Taekwondo Hope Sharing Camp Education Division

    This is a camping business that offers an opportunity for citizens to communicate through camping experience of various Taekwondo programs available in Taekwondowon.

    Period : Three times a year, 2 nights and 3 days for each time | Location : In Taekwondowon | Benefits : Full financing of camping expenses | Targets : Children in the region, elderly aged 60 years or above, youths attending schools in islands and remote places

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    Visiting Taekwondo Classroom Education Division

    This is a visiting classroom business where instructors visit organizations that cannot visit Taekwondowon to operate ten training and experience programs (once a week) of Taekwondowon.

    Period : Once a year, for 15 days | Location : Gymnasium or sporting facility nearby the organization | Targets : Children of multicultural families | Benefits : Visiting of instructors and provision of education materials, uniform rental service, etc.

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    Taekwondowon Contest Promotion Business Division

    This is a participatory Taekwondo contest that takes place every year at Taekwondowon to expand and produce Taekwondo contents for everyone and motivate people to continue their training.

    Period : In September ~ November of every year | Location : Taekwondowon | Host / supervisor : Taekwondo Promotion Foundation | Sponsors : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Korea Taekwondo Association | Contact : 063-320-0077

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