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Major Functions

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Facility Status

Facility Status
Type Floor area(㎡) Floors Detailed Facilities Remark
T1 Arena 18,107 2 basement floors
4 ground floors
Arena (4,571 seats)
Indoor arena (433 seats)
Lecture Hall, Food Court, Athlete Training Ground, etc.
Multi-Purpose Arena
- For Taekwondo competitions, performances and events
WT Central Training Center
Parking Lot 191 3 ground floors Available parking slots: 537 Parking space for vehicles visiting Taekwondowon
National Taekwondo Museum 7,314 3 ground floors Exhibition Room, Storage, Video Room, Cafe, Shop, Convenience Store, etc. Permanent and Planned Exhibition Rooms, Promotion Hall, etc.
Management Building 4,038 2 ground floors Central Control Room, Machine Room, Electric Room, Service Management Office, Warehouse, etc. Management and control of various facilities in Taekwondowon
(power, communication, machine, firefighting system, etc.)
Experience Hall 2,651 3 ground floors Virtual Competition Room, Video Room, etc. Experience space for virtual Taekwondo competition
Cafeteria Building 1,916 2 ground floors Accommodation: 507 persons
Trainee Cafeteria, Employee Cafeteria, General Cafeteria, etc.
Meal space for visitors of Taekwondowon
Pyeongwon Hall 1,207 1 ground floor Training Room, Restroom, Warehouse, etc. Multi-purpose space for Taekwondo training and banquet
Doyak Center 10,705 4 ground floors Narae Hall, Large Lecture Hall (500 seats), Training Room, Lecture Room, Discussion Room, Weight Training Room, Front, etc. Space for training and education
Doyak Hall, Building A 6,380 7 ground floors Rooms: 110 rooms, accommodation: 175 persons
- Deluxe: 9 rooms, 9 persons
- Single room: 36 rooms, 36 persons
- Double room: 65 rooms, 130 persons
Accommodation space
Doyak Hall, Building B 4,323 6 ground floors Rooms: 55 rooms, accommodation: 280 persons
- Four-person room: 40 rooms, 160 persons
- Eight-person room: 15 rooms, 120 persons
Accommodation space
Doyak Hall, Building C 4,336 4 ground floors Rooms: 55 rooms, accommodation: 312 persons
- Four-person room: 32 rooms, 128 persons
- Eight-person room: 23 rooms, 184 persons
Accommodation space
Doyak Hall, Building D 3,044 3 ground floors Rooms: 45 rooms, accommodation: 264 persons
- Four-person room: 24 rooms, 96 persons
- Eight-person room: 21 rooms, 168 persons
Accommodation space
Operation Center 5,837 4 ground floors Office, Computer Room, Large Lecture Hall (126 seats), Conference Room, etc. Office space for the foundation, Kukkiwon (WTA) and other Taekwondo organizations
Monorail 134 1 ground floor Monorail, 60 seats (two 30-seater vehicles), rail length: 256m Monorail Platform
Observatory 575 3 ground floors Cafeteria, Management Office, etc. Observatory to enjoy the view of Taekwondowon and surrounding landscape
Symbolic District 1,455 1 ground floors Taekwonjeon Hall, Myeongingwan Hall, Machine Room, etc. Symbolic space (to share the philosophy and spiritual world of Taekwondo) and networking space for high Dan level owners
Turf Ground 5,966 - Creation of a soccer field Used as a soccer field and for large-scale outdoor events
Traditional Martial Arts Training Center - - Operation of 7 traditional martial arts programs Experience space with traditional martial arts training courses
Ohaeng Falls - - Used as a place for meditation programs Training and experience space using natural environment
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